Keep Up or Get Out of the Way: AI is Here to Stay
By: Jeremiah Kiefer

Artificial intelligence (AI) remains grossly underutilized in property insurance underwriting and claims, largely due to a lack of engagement and expectations for explicit out-of-box usage instructions. This gap reflects the challenges at Deft Group as we balance current claims handling obligations with proactive loss prevention strategies. I strongly advocate for a deep dive into AI by Deft's staff and consultants, as essential for our success as we broaden our reach from claims into the broader risk management ecosystem. 

Begin by selecting a leading AI system like OpenAI’s GPT-4, Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus, or Google’s Gemini Advanced. Then experiment with different prompts to refine the output, ensuring it meets the desired message and tone. This immersive experimentation helps you understand AI’s capabilities and how to integrate them into daily operations, from routine email composition to complex content creation. This hands-on approach not only reveals AI’s potential but also enhances interaction, helping understand how AI can boost productivity and creativity in various tasks. 

To fully leverage AI, adapt it to our specific expertise, treating it like an advanced assistant capable of executing sophisticated tasks with precise instructions. This iterative process of setting tasks, providing examples, and refining based on feedback is crucial for tailoring AI to meet specific professional needs. Embracing AI's evolving capabilities prepares us for future complexities, using AI to mitigate risks and enhance decision-making. 

Integrating AI aligns with Deft's approach to preemptive risk management and efficient claims handling support, representing an early investment in risk controls to yield claims outcomes with low standard deviation. This strategy not only optimizes operations but also provides a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving risk management landscape. 


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By: Jeremiah Kiefer