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A comprehensive network of vetted imaging specialists is available now! 


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Aerial Imaging & Digital Twins

Deft very likely possesses more expertise in capturing and presenting aerial imaging than any firm in our space to the extent that in many cases our clients hire us to capture extensive aerial imaging datasets even when we are not serving as the adjusting firm for a claim

Virtual Tours

Deft virtual tour capture are best means of fully documenting a property whether at the point of underwriting or post-loss.

Thermal Imaging

Using thermal technology, our field staff can play a significant role in the determination of mitigation scope in the early days of a loss. Furthermore, we can reduce the time element of a loss by documenting the extent of moisture as opposed to being forced to wait for the conclusion of mitigation to accurately estimate repairs.  

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Proprietary Systems

Deft utilizes cutting-edge platforms that deliver unparalleled efficiency across our entire organization.

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Security Without Compromise

At Deft, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between world class security and performance. Our security solutions provide comprehensive protection without sacrificing speed, usability or productivity. In today's unforgiving digital landscape, you can't afford to compromise your security.

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