Premier risk management informed by extensive claims experience.   

Risk Transfer Consulting

Property owners, property managers, producers, and underwriters alike choose Deft to help align exposure and insurability pre-bind. Our risk consultants are uniquely qualified to translate risk retention versus transfer appetite with underwriter appetite for specific building attributes and conditions. 

Underwriting Inspections

Carriers and policyholders benefit from Deft's post-bind inspections. Not only do we have the opportunity to better understand the physical exposure, but we also have the chance to get know the interested human stakeholders. 

Risk Hardening Consultations

Leaning on our claims experience and building science expertise, Deft's risk consultants provide tailored risk hardening recommendations in the wake of thorough property inspections. With the big picture in mind, we isolate urgent and affordable opportunities to fortify structures and behaviors initially. We in turn introduce more long-term strategies to best balance capital improvements as part of overall risk management.

Risk Management Services

Ideally, Deft remains involved with an exposure year around to tailor bespoke preventative maintenance and emergency management strategy, align vetted contractors to service the property's needs, triage any occurrences that require mitigation, remediation, or reconstruction, and as necessary serve as a bridge claims filing (note that in many cases Deft's risk consultant seamlessly pivots into your claims adjuster).

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Awareness & Education   With information comes peace of mind.  

"I absolutely love this product!

 Not only is it a value add for the client, but it provides peace of mind that their claim will be hand-held by a true professional. 

Is this service available for all of our clients?"

 "I attended an underwriting inspection with Deft today and gained more insight into their program. I think this strategy is amazing! 

Deft's risk consultant was so knowledgeable, and I could tell their passion for this holistic approach."

Simply stated, uncertainty is priced into premium.