Providing our Carrier Partners with Capacity for Complexity.

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Complex Claims Expertise

By narrowly focusing on complex claims handling instead of trying to be everything to everyone, Deft achieves a delicate balance of speed and accuracy that consistently puts our carrier clients in a position to settle claims accurately, confidently, and in a timely manner. The old claims handling adage of “speed wins” resonates in the complex claims arena, but informed attention to detail is equally as important.  

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Claims Managment 

Deft stands ready to dedicate the management support, adjuster expertise, necessary imaging specialists in support of said general adjusters, cutting edge imaging technology, and a broad network of experts and contractors to supplement our clients' own preferred vendor options. There should be no doubt that Deft can carry the load through the worst of events.

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Catastrophe Response

Deft's catastrophe response is second to none as predicated upon a rare combination of know-now and experience. We prepare months in advance of seasonal storm cycles to put our team and our clients in the best possible position for success while appreciating the unpredictability of mother nature. Successful catastrophe response requires a both planning and flexibility. 

Triage Services

While from the same vein as Deft's experienced catastrophe response, our refined triage services without fail put our carrier clients in a position of strength to best allocate scarce, best understand their overall exposure through accurately and expeditiously communicated reserves, and best extend empathy to their policyholders that rely on them to deliver in time of need.

Your Trusted Resource for 

Complex Claims Handling

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I wanted to let you know that Parker went above and beyond on this file saving Vault what could have been a huge nightmare by doing some basic investigative work on the front end. The insured is happy with the settlement, and I am very pleased with his work. I look forward to working with him in the future on other claims.

I wanted to take the time to genuinely thank Darin Bradley with Deft Group for his superior claim handling. 

Darin was very actively engaged with the insured and myself making sure the info and claim handling was proceeding in a timely manner, not to mention building a great relationship with the insured and his PA.    

The claim was concluded, with a release from the PA, for a very reasonable settlement.  

This is all thanks to Darin and his exceptional handling.

Empathy, timely communications, and attention to detail are the pillars are Deft's superior customer service.