Darin began his professional career with Concentrix, working with Apple’s iOS division and Intuit’s TurboTax division respectively. His strengths as a leader were quickly recognized by his seniors who in turn leveraged his attributes to facilitate training, then supervise over 300 agents before the age of 23 between the accounts. Over the course of the following several years, Darin continued to develop his leadership capabilities with Claremont Food’s production team, creating an unprecedented position within the company for himself as a technical production lead, blending his strengths as a leader with his skills as a maintenance technician which resulted in the doubling of the program’s production rates within his first week. 

While pursuing a future in automotive management in 2017, Darin was presented an opportunity to handle property claims in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. He made a very ambitious decision to pursue this opportunity, opening a door into an industry with the level of complexity in which he thrives. Darin’s talents were immediately apparent during this first deployment, securing the interest of several in our industry working with and around him in the field and office alike.  

In early 2018, after deployments associated with Hurricane Irma had concluded, Jeremiah, and subsequently the Deft team, acquired Darin’s talents as a technology and systems analyst in addition to that as a field adjuster. Over the following years, Darin’s adeptness quickly manifested an indispensable resource, resulting in his spearheading many of Deft’s largest assignments to date. In an effort to leverage Darin’s formidable leadership capabilities, The Deft Group obtained his exclusivity both in the capacity of a general adjuster, as well as to formulate and execute an industry-leading training program. His polymathic nature became apparent during his progressively expanding collaboration across all of Deft’s divisions at which time he was offered the position of The Deft Group’s Chief Operations Officer, where he has continued to exploit his aptitude in the exponential flourishment of this company. Jeremiah and Darin’s relationship has and will continue to prove mutually advantageous for the foreseeable future.