After stints in academia and general contracting, Jeremiah entered the property insurance space during the chaotic 2005 hurricane season as a catastrophe adjuster. In claims handling, he was able to leverage his core skillset to excel quickly and independently. After establishing himself as a respected Executive General Adjuster for multiple adjusting firms and carriers having successfully handled thousands of assignments across a wide swath of the property claims spectrum, his ambitions broadened in 2017 to building his own independent adjusting firm to provide property carriers and their third-party administrators with “capacity for complexity”. Out of this vision, Deft Claims was founded in 2018. Deft Consultants was then added in 2019 to house Deft’s overall consulting, appraisal, and advanced imaging divisions separate from Deft’s independent adjusting services. Deft Group in turn came online in 2020 to serve as the managing partner for Deft’s client-facing entities.   

 Jeremiah continues to preside as Chief Executive Officer for all Deft’s companies while remaining active as lead consultant for many of its most challenging assignments. Under Jeremiah’s leadership, Deft Group continues to reinvent the complex property claims space by fearlessly and unapologetically innovating while never losing track of industry leading customer service. Through Deft Group, Jeremiah is confident in supporting the settlement of the most complex of property claims, often from the point of policy inception through his efforts to rebuild the bridge between the long-siloed underwriting and claims camps. He views an ecosystem where claims inform underwriting, and vice versa, as the solution to so much of what troubles the property insurance markets and vows to lead from the front in creating a sustainable environment for carriers and policyholders alike.